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DR4 (4*100G), aims to the marketing of 400G data center
Send date: 2021.11.11

Recently, SiLUX Technologies Co., Ltd. ("SiLUX Technologies") newly developed integrated silicon photonics DR4 chip (4*100G) with its unique silicon photonics technology, enabling the high-speed transmission in QSFP-DD optical module. It greatly empowers SiLUX product family, strengthens its solution provided for Data Center (“DC”) market with cost-effective PICs on DR1/DR4/FR4.

SiLUX Technologies also aligns with high-speed circuit strategic partner to conduct the new product co-demo during CIOE (September 16 – 18, 2021), which presents a complete solution through dynamic display in the form of 400G QSFP-DD optical module, fully demonstrates the PICs performance to meet actual customer requirement.


DR4 Eye Diagram

The new product adapts SiLUX silicon optical chip, equipping with the driver from IC partner as well as other supporting link design, realized 400G high-speed transmission application in DC successfully.

Comparing with traditional solution, silicon optical chip has advantages in high integration, cost-effective and ease on mass production. Packaging and manufacturing effortlessly all benefit from its unique design structure, perfectly fitting in high-speed multi-channel application scenarios.

DC becomes the application scenarios with the fastest technologies update in optical communication and the shortest product cycle. Given the development of 5G and the Internet, especially with the rapid construction of Mega DC worldwide, the internal transmission distance of DC reaches to 500-2km, and the requirement of large broadband has become increasingly urgent. Shifting to 400G is progressively deployed.

SILUX Technologies aims on industrialization of silicon photonics technology and total solution providing. The new product - DR4 launching is one of series products. SILUX will continuously sustain its leading position in silicon photonics in China with rapid technical development, as well as function optimization on DR8 and other products.