Enterprise Networks

Massive information explosion requires higher processing capabilities along with internet evolution. High speed data networks are widely used from weather forecast, space aviation and scientific research for commerce, finance and insurance industries etc..

SiLUXTEK brings low-cost and high reliability optical interconnection solutions to enterprise networks based on Silicon Photonics.

Next Generation Wireless Network

The next generation wireless network is changing the way people communicate and access information, by enabling connections anytime and anywhere. 5G technology will allow a flexible, reliable, and secure wireless networks to connect people with all applications, services, and things, thus leading human race into the era of "Everything connected".The explosion of connections is creating an insatiable demand for high bandwidth in mobile networks. Base stations are becoming more complex and require a rapidly increasing number of long distance optical connections. SiLUXTEK’s optical chips are built for next generation wireless network infrastructure deployments around the world.


Networks are growing to more flattened and meshed topologies, which now urge for low cost, long reach optics.

Cloud Data Centers are becoming “common” and “hyperscale”, meaning they are growing to massive quantity and size, which require massive structures and mesh interconnections among multiple campus locations.

SiLUXTEK provides optical chips solutions to meet the universal and unique requirements of datacenters with low cost, low power consumption and high quality.